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Who Provides Our Paediatric Physiotherapy Service?

Tim is co-owner and director of The Movement Team.

Tim has worked across the breadth of paediatric health (acute hospital, disability care, developmental, community and private clinics) and completed numerous national and internationally recognised education courses in topics including developmental orthopaedics, high risk infant management, respiratory functioning and infant movement. Tim also holds an Advanced Physiotherapist position and has lead a Child Development Service in the public health sector.


Tim's formal training consists of:

Bachelor Physiotherapy (Hons) - University of Queensland

Graduate Diploma Paediatric Neurological Rehabilitation - University of Western Australia

Tim additionally holds the following positions and memberships:

Chairperson of the Queensland Paediatric Physiotherapy Clinical Network 2013 - 2016

National Paediatric Group Member - Australian Physiotherapy Association


Physiotherapy Courses for Children and Teenagers!

For almost 3 years now, The Movement Team has offered high quality, targeted and results focussed programs for children.

In term 2 2018 we are offering the below courses.

Enter your details below to enquire. Ring the clinic (32891644) to book your spot!!

Train w Tim3.png

Train with Tim

For Children 10 - 16 years of age
Who have specific goals related to sports performance, pain reduction or injury recovery,
Train with Tim,
Will help your child achieve significant improvements while enjoying a supportive, social and fun environment.
Don’t only rely on your ability to convince your child to do exercises at home,
Train with Tim will provide the consistency, exercise progressions and support so your child can get back to doing what they enjoy!

Course Details:
1 or 2 sessions a week, starting in week 3 of term 2, running for 9 weeks. Individual goal setting and progressive exercise programming with Tim Effeney.

$495 for term (2 Sessions/Week)*
$320 for term (1 Session/Week)*

*private health care rebates eligible

Weekly Inclusions: 
Saturday Morning Squad: Come at a time that suits yourself for 45mins (approx) between 8-10am every/any Saturday.
Monday Afternoon Squad: 5:30-6:15pm session every/any Monday.

Important Dates:
First Saturday Session: 5th May
First Monday Session: 7th May
Last Monday Session: 25th June
Last Saturday Session: 30th June


Please note that participants must be well known to Tim and may require a pre-course appointment to ensure the highest quality of service and individualisation is able to be achieved. 

Strong Girls

For females aged 13 - 18 years of age
Who would benefit from improved strength and injury resilience
Strong Girls,
Is a carefully designed small group program aiming to reduce risk of lower limb injury and improve sporting performance
Don’t just hope that your performance improves,
Strong Girls is an evidence based, carefully measured program which helps your daughter reduce her risk of injury in sport or day-to-day life!

Course Details:
8 week program of once weekly sessions on Wednesday at 4:45pm

*Is eligible for private health fund rebates

Important Dates:
Start Date: 2nd May
End Date: 20th June

Please note that a pre-course appointment may be required to determine appropriateness, safety and goals for this course.


boys club-2.png

Boys Club

A rolling Thursday night staple of our service. This program is delivered by Jarrod our Exercise Physiologist and provides a club-like environment for boys to develop strength, understand the core concepts of exercise and to enjoy healthy development.


Please enquire via or at the clinic if you are interested in this program.


Netball Strength Group

For Netballers aged 14 - 19 years of age
Who have specific goals related to their netball performance, injury prevention or injury recovery,
Netball Strength
Will help your child achieve significant strength and balance improvements while enjoying a fun, like-minded and supportive environment.
Don’t only rely on your netball skills and training to be the best, you can get faster, stronger and fitter by working on your strength.
The Netball Strength group will provide the consistency, exercise progressions and support so your child will be the best netballer they can be!


For Netball Strength Group enquiries please contact 

Please contact The Movement Team on 3289 1644 to book. 

Alternatively, please contact us via the form below with any questions or to organise a return phone call.

Name *

Commonly Seen Conditions and Reasons to Refer to Paediatric Physiotherapy:

Reason number 1: You are worried about how your baby or child is moving!
More specifically, we commonly see infants and children:


Delayed infant milestones

Altered gait mechanics (e.g. Toe Walking)

Co-ordination concerns

Weakness or muscle tone concerns



Head Orientation Preference

Positional Talipies


Premature Birth

Brachial Plexus Injury

Surgical Events (E.g. recovery post Ortho/Cardiac/GIT intervention)


Musculoskeletal Injuries


Cerebral Palsy

Muscular Dystrophy

Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

Genetic Syndromes

Congenital Structural Abnormalities