#4 The Power of Principles

At The Movement Team we have 4 basic principles that help us keep true to achieving awesome results! 

These 4 principles were established just weeks after we opened our doors in 2015 and are still just as important as they were then.

In the healthcare industry it can sometimes be easier to scare than care, quicker to do then empower and more lucrative sell ‘expertise’ rather than ‘results’. 

It is our challege to be better than this. 

So here are our principles:


1. Understanding is Key

If you don’t understand, we haven’t done our job. You should understand the reason for your pain or injury, the reason for treatment (or for not treating!) and the reason for any exercises.


2. What is the Point?

This question drives us to ensure that every appointment, interaction or treatment has a clear link to your goals; to the current evidence and best practice guidelines; and offers you value for money.


3. Find a Better Way

We are constantly striving to improve everything we do. Treatment methods, service models and the way we offer true value to our clients can always be improved!


4. Get Moving

While treatment beds are very comfy and very necessary in many cases, we know that the best bits of Physiotherapy treatments happen off the bed. As soon as pain allows, we focus on exercises, functional improvements and patient led treatment plans and we are not going to be shy about it.


If these principles raise questions for you, we would love to chat about it. 

In fact we are always keen to chat. Get in contact with us via Facebook, Instagram, email (hi@themovementteam.com.au) or via phone. 


The Movement Team