#3 What’s in a Name…Creating an Awesome Team!

This is the third article in our ‘origin series’ which we are publishing to help celebrate our third birthday!

If this is the first article you have read, please consider reading the first two, however each is designed to make sense on their own!

This short article explains why the concept of a ‘team’ is so important to us that it is in our name. In both Yanek’s and my previous roles, the best experiences we had were working in teams. Before starting The Movement Team, we reflected on why that was.

When you see a Physio, you see one person...

As a client, you build a relationship with your Physio; you share information, decide on goals, discuss health information, and all going well, share in the excitement of achieving great results.

It can be easy to think that those results are purely the outcome of the skills of that individual. Their expertise has informed, directed, supported and empowered your recovery or improvement. 

This is likely all true. But what is it that allows that Physio to be in the best position to provide you the best care when you need it?


Ensuring a Physio’s expertise converts to results for you!

Physiotherapists are generally smart, motivated and proud people. Most health professionals are. These great traits will often drive the Physiotherapist to learn more, perfect skills, gain qualifications and create expertise.

Expertise is great, but the concept of being an ‘expert’ is not a guarantee of great results for the client. 

Perhaps the most significant inadvertent outcome of designing a service around an 'expert model' is that the role of the 'patient' can be perceived to be a passive one with little power. There is no doubt that to get the best results you need to see someone who is talented, skilled and whose skills closely match your individual needs. To get the best individual results though, you need an expert service which is attentive and responsive to your own needs.

Each and every appointment with a Physio should be about you the client. Not about them.

So how can an ‘expert’ Physio best help you?

Let’s think about the moments before you arrive at an appointment...

Is your Physio thinking about how many appointments you might need? Are they thinking about their other client who is in another room? Are they focussed on what your ‘diagnosis’ is and therefore what pre-determined ‘program’ to use? Are they avoiding a picky boss or annoying colleague? Are they just counting down the minutes until they get to go home? Are they hangry?

A good clinician will be able to put all those things behind them and put their focus on you as soon as an appointment starts. However, imagine if the environment was not something your Physio had to overcome to offer a great appointment, but something that helped them be in the best possible mindset to create great results.

For The Movement Team… this is why our focus is on having an awesome team. 


A team of great people working together and supporting each other can create truly great results for you.

We believe that team members need to be trusted to make their own decisions and supported to implement the highest quality of service. For us this means:

  1. We must learn from and help each other on a daily basis.
  2. We must value our clinical decisions and have the flexibility to implement them.
  3. We must be supported to do something in the best interests of the client.
  4. We must communicate well.

A team is a group that work towards the same goal. We each have different strengths, roles and qualities. For each of us though, it is our responsibility to help you get the best outcome possible.

The long term game...

The best functioning teams take time to develop. We have spent a lot of time searching for great team members, learning from each of those who have joined or left our team, and developing our processes to support our team. These are all things that have driven us to have the service we currently have. We are still working on how we can improve and achieve all of our team goals in the best possible way. 

So even though you might only see one ‘Physio’ please know that we are learning and supporting as a team to make sure that you get the best possible service we can offer. 



We love to hear feedback… big or small, good or bad… please contact us on hi@themovementteam.com.au or chat to us in the clinic should you be able to help us learn to be the best we can!


Many thanks,


Tim and Yanek.