#2: The Basic Building Blocks of Something Better.

This is the second of our articles which reflect on why and how The Movement Team came to be. Going back to the basics and tell our story is part of the way we are marking our 3rd birthday. In our last article we discussed how our founders very different paths led to the challenge being set to put the best bits of Physiotherapy together in a new and improved private practice. This article provides some insight into some of basic things we thought should and should not be part of this new service!

Everyone makes these important health decisions...

Periods of pain and injury are part of everyone's lives. Managing and recovering from those experiences is a variable and often personal process during which there are a huge range of potentially helpful or unhelpful things that you could do. Achieving the best possible recovery is dependent on the decisions and actions that you make during that recovery process.

Questions! For yourself, many questions will likely go through your head: What has gone wrong? What does this pain/injury mean? Should I go and see someone to help? When should I see them? How will they help me? How quickly will I feel better? When will I know I am better? How much better do I want to be? 

If you choose to see a Health Professional, they will likely also have many questions and make many decisions. What assessment should they make? Does this fall within the scope of their profession/skills to understand and treat? How shall they intervene? What things should they discuss and explain? Should further appointments be recommended? What is the goal of potential intervention? This list of questions could continue for a long time...

The outcome of each of these questions could depend on a professional's experience and training, but they will also likely be influenced to some degree by their workplace, the available facilities, any limitations of their schedule, workload prioritisation and potentially how employer judges how successful an employee is.  

Decisions determine action... Actions determine outcomes!

After our dinner discussed in article #1 and in planning for the start of The Movement Team, Yanek and I quickly decided upon one fundamental value that would drive all of our decisions. 

The needs of the client would, whenever possible, be the highest prioritised determinant of the answer to any question.

The limitations of the clinic or business would be minimised as much as possible.

So we set about outlining a few basic dos and don’ts for our new clinic.


Our Original Dos and Don'ts

Physical Clinic Set Up

The environment design should re-enforce the client's goals. We would go without those things that don't offer maximal value to the client and instead build in the things that would most help us to achieve simple and lasting results:

Do... have private rooms.

Do... have a welcoming environment.

Don't... have reception sitting down low behind a high desk.

Do... have an open and well stocked gym area.

Don't... rely only on theraband exercises.

Do... have communal spaces.

Don't... have isolated and lonely therapists.

Do... have light from multiple directions

and Definitely Do... have room for squads, groups and events!

Daily Practicalities

Client centred should mean actually running a service around what is best for the client. For us this would mean:

Do... measure our success by the results the client experiences.

Don't... have overlapping appointments.

Do... have 100% of your appointment time with the Physio.

Don't... have therapists locked into a set appointment time length

Do... have predictable and fair pricing.

Do... have online booking and make the process as simple as possible.


Despite each of these statements being fairly crisp and clear, each one is more complicated to implement then it first seems. There are also times when doing the opposite of these things might be in the best interests of the client and our team. The key is that we are continuing to strive to make sure these concepts are the foundation of everything we do.

Next time we will talk about why 'team' is in our name and why we believe that having health professionals working as a team is of huge benefit to you (even if you only see one of us!).

Please contact us with any questions or comments via facebook, instagram or email to hi@themovementteam.com.au.


Kind Regards,


Tim and Yanek.