Don't get me is impressive! I can appreciate the dedication that is required to master this asana/posture, it is ascetially beautiful and she may be a great yogi but don't let the visual fool you or discourage you. Don't look at this and think Yoga isn't for me, I could never do that! Because really not many people could and 'this is not yoga'!

I have been practicing various forms of yoga for over twenty years and nailing scorpion
has never been my goal. Which is just as well really because it isn't going to happen.
My yoga practice does however gives me the opportunity to improve my proprioception (body awareness), to became aware of my energetic self, to develop concentration, to experience presence. It is a moving meditation, a dance (sometimes a clumsy un coordinated one)
with my body, mind and breathe.

It is a non judgemental personal journey where sometimes the most powerful adjustments
can't be seen but are powerfully felt. Changes may happen swiftly and slowly over time.
Let me share with you the most important lesson I have learnt.....Yoga is turning up.
It is sitting in your chair being aware of your breath, it is spending time on your mat moving gently or it can be going to a yoga class (not once but every week or twice a week if you feel like it or not).

There are many wonderful yoga teachers and many styles of yoga adapted from the ancient lineage. My humble advice is discover one that suits you and commit yourself to a term at least. Please don't do one class and decide it isn't for you because that is a judgement my friends & not a reflective valid decision.

Now where was I going with this....oh that's right I am leading (not teaching, you are your own teacher) a yoga class at The Movement Team Monday & Thursday mornings at 6.30am starting
January 30.

Leisha Du Bois

Remedial Massage Therapist

Leisha is a Remedial Massage Therapist with 15 years experience. Leisha has studied modalities including Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Oncology and Swedish Massage.