My Strength Journey (Or Start Of....)

Being someone who knows very little about physiotherapy and has no idea what people are talking about when they use big medical words, I can’t offer much information about physiotherapy, but I can tell you about my experience with it.

Like all of us, I occasionally get some aches and pains and I used to think that I had just inherited my dad’s bad back. I would always try and ignore it, thinking it would go away within a few days, but one time it didn’t, it only got worse.  The Dr Diagnosed me with a lumbar disc bulge and I had no idea what this meant apart from it was bad! (I found out that lots of people young and old have disc bulges and also that most people wont actually be affected by these disc bulges, see this article for some more science on that

Lumbar disc bulges, common not a big problem and simple to improve!

Lumbar disc bulges, common not a big problem and simple to improve!

Whenever something would get sore and achy I would try and get on with my day and use home remedies – heat packs, stretching or creams, but this time nothing seemed to help it, so I went to the doctor who then referred me to a physio. 

I had plans to go travelling and had already been set back from all of this. Everytime I saw the physio I was asking when he thought I’d be able to go and once we knew what the problem was we were able to work towards making it better. After a little while longer it had improved a great deal and so I said goodbye to physio and Brisbane and hello to Europe.

Europe was a lot of fun!

Europe was a lot of fun!

Now it’s a year later and I’m back home. I was still getting occasional pain and tightness throughout my body, usually in my back which I thought was something I would just have to learn to live with. However now I was lucky enough to be working at a physio. Step in The Movement Team! Little did I know that most of it was caused because my muscles weren’t very strong, so once or twice a week Yanek and the guys started to train me, looking at my movement and building some strength through doing the basics well. 

My first attempt at an OHS wasnt the best- but I was determined to improve.

It was all new to me, I’d joined Jetts once but of course didn’t really have much of an idea of what I was doing whenever I went there. I didn’t really know how to use the machines properly, or what was suited to me, and all the muscley people strolling around confidently, using the heavy weights was a little off putting for me. 

When I started with Yanek, I was hardly able to do 6 squats with the 20kg bar, but after only a month or so I was able to squat nearly my whole body weight! I was so surprised that my body improved that much so quickly. Throughout the day I was able to hold my posture properly without slouching, do more without getting tired as quickly and generally felt a lot stronger. And the best part was, I was hardly getting the generally pain that I used to.


Of course then came Christmas, and a couple of weeks break which involved a lot of sitting around and eating. Delicious eating.  But thats all part of a healthy relationship with training and food- being able to change depending on what you want to do, not feeling locked into a lifestyle and diet. I went from thinking that I’d be living with general back aches and pains forever and that it was just a part of life,but I know now that that’s not the case, and I’m keen for that to change again, so I just need to follow the basics and do some simple work over a good period of time.

My Plan for 2016 is to be much stronger - so I can improve my movement and also discover new ways to move around more freely!

To make sure Im kept accountable I will be training 2 x per week with Megan (One of our Dieticians) under Yanek and the rest of the teams guidance.

At the moment I can

Front Squat 40kgs

Back Squat 45 Kgs

Deadlift 40kgs 

Crawl (with some assistance) for 1 length of the room at The Movement Team

Ill keep you posted on my progress!


"Lucy is part of our administrative team. Give our clinic a call if you have any questions about how we might be able to help you! Our admin team are excellent in helping our clinicians and clients keep doing what they do best!"