We care enough to share! Are we sticking to our principles?

The Movement Team was founded with the aim of re-discovering the true value that a multi-disciplinary Physiotherapy practice can provide. 

We are all about avoiding things that are pointless, confusing or needlessly complicated. 

As our team grows, we want to make sure we are keeping to the basic principles that we set for ourselves when we first opened. So we would like to share our 4 key principles that guide everything we do. 


1. Understanding is key!


If you don’t understand, we haven’t done our job. You should understand the reason for your pain, the reason for treatment (or for not treating!) and the reason for any exercises. If you don’t, please ask.


2. What is the point?

This question drives us to ensure that every appointment, interaction or treatment has a clear link to your goals; to the current evidence and best practice guidelines; and offers you value for money.


3. Find a better way!

This goes for you as well as us. It is important to strive for constant improvement. We will always have goals for our selves, our team and our business. If you can help us be better, please let us know!


4. Get Moving

While our treatment beds are very comfy and very necessary in many cases, we know that the best bits of Physiotherapy treatments happen off the bed. We will focus on exercises, functional improvements and patient led treatment plans and we are not going to be shy about it.


So those are our 4 key principles. Please let us know your thoughts and definitely let us know if we are falling short in any areas. We are a young clinic and really appreciate the opportunity to improve what we do!